Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Registry favorites, you make good use of the right

IE there are favorites, in Windows 2000/XP, the registry is also a favorite. Favorites advantage of this, we can quickly navigate to frequently used branches of the registry.

1. Add and delete registry entries

First find and select the one you want to add the registry key, click the menu "Favorites 鈫?Add to Favorites" dialog box that appears enter a visual for the registry key name, "OK" after which the is added to the collection list. From the collection list to remove unwanted registry entries, simply click the menu "Favorites 鈫?Remove Favorites" in the window that appears, select to delete the registry key, click "OK" button.

2. Registry backup Favorites

Favorites registry is directly stored in the registry. Open the Registry Editor, navigate to the [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware
MicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppletsRegeditFavorites], the implementation of the menu "File 鈫?Export", the "Favorites" into branch Export Registry File. When you need to restore the registry favorites, simply double-click the registry file to import the registry can be.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ambiguous "message" mostly Huafei trap

"I'm at the airport, soon to leave, but I had many, and you do not have time, please call the 脳 脳 脳 to listen to a message it." "You really have to ignore me? The last misunderstood you still would not forgive me? 脳 脳 脳 I left a message for you, what you listen to it. "ambiguous messages that the recent harassment of the user's cell phone from time to time, but the ambiguity is Huafei behind the trap, fall into care.

This month, Ms. Wang's cell phone received 5,6-section of such messages, message content will be at the end users to make calls to listen to a message. "Perspicacious" and Ms. Wang will delete every seen, but she was concerned by the vague lure users to dial will be followed with curiosity, "adolescent children might go to listen to a message, I am worried that will generate a lot of 璇濊垂 call."

Reporters to understand that, recently many users have received such "ambiguous message" message, it is not in a Te Fuhao sent to mobile phone users, but send directly over a cell phone number, some message contents such a case, "I'm in someone else's cell phone by sending text messages to you" as a further trick the user. Once users dial the phone, it will fall into the trap Hua Fei.

Yesterday, reporter learned from the operator's premises, that comes out of these messages is the new "trap message", content to stay in the basic all voice telephone calls, once the call in the past will be charged a higher tariff and.

It is reported that operators were carried out on SP SMS strict specifications, if irregularities are found SP to promote business, he incurs the license. This kind of "trap message" is no longer a blatant attempt to Te Fuhao sent to the phone, but the point to point directly to the phone number sent to the user hand, allow users to mistake it for a friend sent over, so fooled. So if a user receive such messages, you can report to the operator of the mobile phone number in order to investigate and deal with service providers.



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