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In October 2007 the sixth New York International Outsourcing Exhibition

In October 2007 the sixth New York International Outsourcing Exhibition
Show Time: October 24, 2007 -25 days
Venue: New York Convention and Exhibition Center in Manhattan JACOB JAVITS
Organizers: ITD Group
Hold cycle: Annual
Group Exhibition of China: Beijing Link International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Show Description:
OutsourceWorld exhibition by the famous British ITD Group (The International Trade & Development Group) organized a wide range of the group with the government and trade groups, in promoting the development of IT industry experience with extensive and advanced. The exhibition is organized by OutsourceWorld Europe and the world's largest outsourcing of professional event, which has the world's outsourcing service provider (Outsource Service Provider) provides a display of themselves, promote their own platform. OutsourceWorld exhibition include IT outsourcing, call center outsourcing (Call Center), business process outsourcing (BPO), human resources outsourcing (HR), and several other areas, to suit the global market in these fast-growing outsourcing industry.
Currently, OutsourceWorld in May and October in London and New York, has been successfully held for 5 years. With the growing scale exhibition, the growing global outsourcing business, in 2005, organizers in India, New Delhi, Dubai, Sydney, Australia and the UAE show similar organization.
In October 2007 held in New York moved to New York's largest Outsourceworld Show Jacob Javits Convention Center. The exhibition will provide the Chinese IT industry outsourcing enterprises to participate in technical exchanges and cooperation in providing the best platform, you are welcome to participate in group leading exposition, we will provide you with professional exhibition and inspection services.
Last review:
OutsourceWorld New York show in 2006, more than 100 service providers from around the world. Show Statistics show that 91% of the audience expressed great interest in continuing to participate in the show in 2007; 70% of the audience that the show found a business partner; in two days of the exhibition include the service industry, industry leaders, the industry standard for leading best practices and future sourcing trends in the exchange and discussion.灞曡鏈熼棿澶氬満娆″拰澶氭牱鍖栫殑鐮旇浼? 鏇翠负绾界害澶栧寘灞曠殑鍙傚睍鍟嗗拰涓撲笟瑙備紬鎼缓璧烽噸瑕佹矡閫氬钩鍙般?
灞曞嚭鑼冨洿锛?br />淇℃伅閫氳鎶?湳
鍛煎彨涓績澶栧寘锛圕all Center Solutions锛?br />涓氬姟娴佺▼澶栧寘锛圔PO锛?br />浜哄姏璧勬簮澶栧寘锛圚R锛?br />鍖椾含棰嗘眹鍥介檯灞曡鏈夐檺鍏徃
鑱旂郴锛氬啹 鏉?13671270790
鍚屾椂鏁鍏虫敞鎴戝崟浣嶇浉鍏冲浗闄呭鍖呭崥瑙堜細锛氫鸡鏁﹀浗闄呭鍖呭睍銆佸嵃搴﹀痉鍒╁浗闄呭鍖呭睍銆佹境澶у埄浜氬浗闄呭鍖呭睍銆佹棩鏈浗闄呭鍖呭睍銆傚鏈夐渶姹傝鍙婃椂鏉ョ數鏉ヤ欢鍜ㄨ銆?br />


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